Furious NUKE Brushed Micro Flight Controller - Vaporize The Competition

Furious NUKE Brushed Micro Flight Controller - Vaporize The Competition

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Furious FPV NUKE Flight Controller -Vaporize The Competition.

Standing tall in a class all by itself, the Furious NUKE FC is the flight controller you have been dreaming of when it comes to the mania of micro brushed FPV racers. Are you ready for the fallout?

Unlike any other micro brushed FC on the market today, the NUKE brings forth devastating levels of feature rich technology that is ready and waiting to leave all others within its fiery wake. From an integrated PDB to an integral F3 chip that is loaded with CleanFlight and BetaFlight, the NUKE FC is the flight controller that leaves the competition shuddering within its shockwave.

Ultra compact with a levitation worthy 1.9g weight, the NUKE is ready and waiting to take residence within your micro FPV aircraft of choice. Fuse this with quad copter, and the NUKE brings forth epic levels of FPV prowess in one of the most compact layouts any FC has every achieved.

Built for pilots by pilots, the NUKE is the zero compromise design that changes nano FPV to the extreme. Condensed and packed with every level of sophistication we could find, the Furious NUKE takes simplicity & functionality to an all new level, providing the pilot at hand with the very best FC available today. 

Join the madness of micro & nano FPV racing and take hold of the only weapon you will ever need when it comes to the competition. With the NUKE FC, nothing else stands a chance, allowing you to leave everyone else in the fire of your nuclear wake. 


- Integrated PDB for the Ultimate In Simplicity

- F3 Chip with CleanFlight & BetaFlight Software

- Ultra Micron In Size with a 20mm x 20mm Size

- Levitation Worthy at 1.9g In All Up Weight

- (4) ESC's Built In - Quad Ready

- 5V 1A Built In BEC

- Integrated LC Filter for Epic Video Clarity

- Smallest & Lightest FC Available Today

Integrated PDB - The Fusion of Simplicity & Practicality.

Offering epic levels of wiring simplicity, the built in PDB makes setup and wiring oh so easy. No more messy & complex wiring layouts. With the integrated PDB, your micro FPV racer will look as clean as it flies.

Built In F3 Chip - Shockwave Fast.

Speed is life, and with the NUKE FC, the integrated F3 chip provides ultra high clock speeds and much higher floating point calculations. So, what does this mean for you? Rail like performance with ultra stable flight capability - need we say more?

20mm x 20mm Layout - Atomic Small.

Space is of the premium when it comes to micro and nano FPV racing machines, and with the NUKE, you never need to worry when it comes to finding space for this micro sized beast.

1.9g All Up Weight - Just Shy of Levitation.

Weight is the enemy, and with the NUKE's 1.9g of all up weight, you gain all the advantages of speed, precision and performance at an all up weight of fitness crazed gnat.

Quad Ready - Your Aircraft, Your Choice.

With an integrated (4) ESC's, the NUKE provides epic levels of flexibility that offers you the choice to choose a quad layout for your aircraft of choice.

5V 1A Built In BEC - Power Awaits.

No need for a separate power source - the NUKE simplifies everything with built in 5V power to take care of all the ancillary devices you need to fly. VTx, camera, LED lights or Rx. No stress - the NUKE has power to spare.

Integrated LC Filter - Keeping It Clean.

Video clarity is life, and with a built in LC filter, the NUKE provides the very best in ultra clean video to keep the competition at bay.

Guide connect Receive Futaba with Nuke Fc: Download user manual  

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