Carbon Fiber Frame Without Ducted (WT) - MOBULA6 HD

Carbon Fiber Frame Without Ducted (WT) - MOBULA6 HD

Product ID: 05913
Product Code: MH-M6HD005WT

Product Description

Rigidity, stability and durability with advanced technical standards are the top design criteria for the MOBULA6 HD.

The new design is fully equipped with high quality Carbon Fiber, PETG and TPU 3D printing to form the most rigid block.

Individual parts design for easy each part replacement in case of a crash.

Make no mistake, the MOBULA6 HD will take your ordinary Tiny Whoop to the next level of performance and appearance, and give you a thrilling experience with outstanding features and advanced design.


3K Pure Carbon Fiber

PETG and TPU 3D Printing

Weight: 4.7g


1 base frame

1 set motor spacer

1 set baterry mount



Use for MOBULA6 HD

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