Adjustable Tail Motor Mount w/ Fin Set (BL) - GOOSKY S2

Adjustable Tail Motor Mount w/ Fin Set (BL) - GOOSKY S2

Product ID: 06632
Product Code: MH-GSS2025BL

Product Description

The Adjustable Tail Motor Mount is specifically designed and optimized for improvements in rigidity, stability, durability and overall performance on the GOOSKY S2 helicopter.

With this Tail Motor Mount you can stretch out 4mm or 8mm longer for more flying experience on your heli.


1 x Adjustable Tail Motor Mount w/ Fin Set


Use for GOOSKY S2



Read and follow the Assembly Instruction carefully

Loctite (#242 is recommended) is required to apply to all mechanical screws mount to aluminum for safety precaution

Basic hand tools



Manual and Instruction included

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